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EMT Madrid presents UNCHAIN at TRA

UNCHAIN Project partner, EMT Madrid, presented the UNCHAIN project at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 conference in a session about urban logistics.

Dublin, April 16, 2024 – EMT Madrid, a prominent partner in the UNCHAIN project, showcased its commitment to innovative urban logistics solutions at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference. The session titled “Special Session 2.3: Innovation in Urban Logistics: Public and Private Sectors Thriving Together” provided a platform for EMT Madrid to present UNCHAIN services, with a focus on upcoming developments tailored to Madrid’s urban landscape.

Sergio Fernandez Balaguer presents the UNCHAIN logistics services.

Innovation of Urban Logistics

The session, aimed at fostering collaboration and sharing insights from EU-funded Research and Innovation (R&I) projects, emphasized the importance of innovative solutions for zero-emission urban freight transport. With urban logistics facing unprecedented challenges, proactive strategies are crucial for addressing future needs.

EMT Madrid’s involvement in the session underscored its dedication to implementing cutting-edge solutions in urban transport. Sergio Fernández Balaguer, representing EMT Madrid, elaborated on the UNCHAIN project’s vision and the role of living labs in facilitating collaboration between city authorities, logistics service providers, and innovation developers. These living labs serve as dynamic environments for testing and refining innovative approaches, including digital twins, Physical Internet, and zero-emission vehicles.

The esteemed panel of speakers included Paola Cossu (FIT Consulting & ALICE), Ioanna Fergadiotou (Inlecom Systems), Manon Levrey (Interface Transport), Angela Nuñez (Correos & SENATOR project), Raffaele Vergnani (POLIS), with Octavia Stepan (CINEA) moderating the session.

By participating in this session, EMT Madrid reaffirmed its commitment to driving sustainable urban logistics solutions and contributing to the collective effort towards zero-emission freight transport. The exchange of ideas and experiences at TRA 2024 paves the way for continued innovation and collaboration in urban transport systems worldwide.

What are the Madrid services?

Discover the beating heart of innovation in Madrid’s urban landscape! Dive into the dynamic world of the Madrid Living Lab, where cutting-edge solutions meet the bustling streets of Spain’s vibrant capital.

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