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Funchal and Riga enter the CIVITAS Replication and Deployment Programme

In an effort to collaborate and work towards sustainable urban logistics development, Riga and Funchal have been chosen as Challenge Cities for the CIVITAS Replication and Deployment Programme. This achievement not only highlights these cities’ prowess but also signifies a promising opportunity for collaborative learning and growth within the UNCHAIN project.

The CIVITAS programme, renowned for fostering innovative mobility solutions across Europe, has handpicked Riga and Funchal to participate as Challenge Cities in the domains of Placemaking and Participatory Processes, and Sustainable Urban Logistics respectively. This selection brings a wave of optimism for UNCHAIN, a project dedicated to advancing sustainable urban mobility solutions. As part of the programme, Champion Cities will share their expertise and best practices with the selected Challenge Cities, facilitating a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The CIVITAS Replication and Deployment Programme, which spans 2023 to 2027, aims to select 12 Challenge cities and 24 Champion cities, fostering various take-up and transfer activities, including twinning sessions, co-creation workshops, and site visits. The 12 Challenge cities, including Riga and Funchal, are poised to develop Deployment Plans addressing their identified mobility challenges through this initiative.

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