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ETRA is a global technology player, Centre of Excellence for Smart Cities thanks to its intense activity in R&D and innovation in Smart technologies. Its mission is to provide society with the most advanced solutions in mobility, lighting, energy, security, and communications.

ETRA expertly combines the Smart City technological model with specific solutions that tangibly improve the quality of life of citizens and the efficiency in the use of resources -human, material, environmental … – by urban services managers, be them public or private.

For more than 30 years, ETRA has continuously innovated, developing and incorporating the needed capabilities to grow in a sustained manner, maintaining a leading position to serve its customers.

Thus, more than three decades after its establishment, ETRA continues to find new, better ways in the areas of mobility, energy, security, and technological services.

In the UNCHAIN project, ETRA takes the role of the coordinator.

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