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Advanced Management IT Cockpit of Shared Facilities

UNCHAIN will develop an advanced management IT cockpit to promote the use of shared facilities (such as UDCs/UCCs) by various logistics operators while optimising the use of the available space. The system will allow real-time space management and will rely on Big Data analysis and Deep Learning models to anticipate the demand and provide optimal space-time planning, increasing the attractiveness and efficiency of shared logistics facilities. This IT cockpit will allow dynamic space re-allocation depending on the planned or real-time needs of the logistic operators, who will be able to define on a daily basis the space required to park their delivery vehicles, also considering, if needed, ancillary services such as electric charging or storage of cargo-bikes. Parking managers will also have the capability to dynamically manage the parking space for logistic purposes and to obtain the main indicators of their business, gathering a better understanding of their demand to optimise supply in the future.