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Congestion forecasting and safe route planning

This service addresses two operational aspects of city logistics: efficiency and safety. UNCHAIN will unleash the potential of traffic data by working on the definition of advanced predictive models to forecast traffic behaviour under given circumstances (weather, month, day, road works or other external conditioning factors) and feed logistic operators routing tools with enriched information to optimise their delivery and pick-up routes. Moreover, the service will rely on static and dynamic information to compose safe freight routes and will inform the logistic operator on the streets to be avoided due to their proximity to vulnerable areas (e.g. schools) or due to random incidents (e.g. accidents, abnormally high flow of people…) advising the operator to use alternative routes with lower risk. This service will develop time-dependent travel times and risk parameters for each link of the network, which will serve as input to the models used by logistics operators to select the safest and most convenient routes.