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IT Pop-Up delivery points management tool

The static supply of loading/unloading and transshipment spaces (both, on-street and off-street) makes it difficult to cope with events, such as temporary street closures due to events (construction works, races, etc.), or abnormal peaks in demand at certain times of the year (Black Friday, Christmas, etc.), that may disrupt the demand-supply balance. UNCHAIN will develop an IT management tool to allow authorities, parking, and UDCs/UCCs managers to set up geofences and reallocate public/private spaces as pop-up delivery spaces. Areas that usually have a non-logistic use (e.g. on-street parking for private vehicles…), will be allocated for a limited period of time and under defined usage regulations as a loading/unloading or transshipment area, providing logistic operators with such information through API and empowering the authorities and private entities to dynamically manage them.