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Knowledge Powerhouse for Urban Logistics

UNCHAIN will set and maintain a knowledge hub to capitalize on expertise from the consortium and its networks (e.g., CIVITAS), and the international state-of-the-art. The platform will consolidate the R&I findings of the living labs and will set up the mechanisms to facilitate capacity building, interactive knowledge sharing, and good practices exchange among project partners, SEG members, and external experts. They will be able to share their experience in implementing initiatives and tools or discuss about freight-related problems and ways to approach them (e.g. logistics sprawl). Moreover, the UNCHAIN knowledge powerhouse will include an “Initiative selector”, an open web-based tool that will offer detailed information on the initiatives implemented by the cities to deal with urban logistics, as well as information on the most suitable tools, methodologies, and practices, applied and relevant information for the implementation (complexity, investment, implementation time,…).