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UCC location and integrated planning KIT

UNCHAIN will develop a Decision Support System (DSS) to help public and private entities decide the most appropriate location for new distribution and consolidation centres (UDCs & UCCs), also including the evaluation of strategically positioned land and the complete supply chain. To do so, multi-criteria and multi-stakeholder decision-making methodologies will be used. Macro-level data related to traffic levels, population density or land use planning and price will be further enriched with data provided by logistic operators (among others) in terms of OD flows, number of parcels shipped, and routes followed to determine optimal locations acceptable by all. To accomplish this objective, the complete supply chain will be considered, including long-haul transportation, in order to decide the most convenient location for the UCC, taking into account the shipments’ origin. Moreover, potential externalities will be identified and remedial measures to mitigate or eliminate them will be defined.