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The UNCHAIN partners meet in Madrid

The project consortium held its second general assembly meeting in one of the UNCHAIN Living Labs, in the vibrant city of Madrid. Two days filled with productive presentations and workshops gave the partners the motivation to move forward in innovating urban logistics.

General Assembly

Madrid, May 8-9, 2024 – The recent UNCHAIN General Assembly, held on May 8th and 9th in Madrid, marked a crucial step forward as the project successfully completed key activities related to identifying requirements, mapping data, and defining usage scenarios under Work Package 2 (WP2). This significant achievement moves UNCHAIN closer to starting pilot and transferability activities later this year, generating excitement and anticipation among stakeholders from all backgrounds.

Project partners, including VMZ, IBV, ETRA, ULANC, and SPES, also presented key achievements in the preparation and deployment of the large-scale demonstration in the demo sites, outlining how these efforts will be evaluated. Discussions centered on the data-driven urban logistics cooperation framework and its operational mechanisms, elucidating how it will streamline logistics operations in urban environments. Additionally, the development of all UNCHAIN services was thoroughly discussed, underscoring the project’s comprehensive approach to transforming urban logistics.

A photo of all city representatives on the stage during a workshop during our Madrid meeting.

Workshops and study visit

Hosted by the city of Madrid, the General Assembly saw active participation from all participating cities, with multiple workshops aimed at fine-tuning their work and vision for the upcoming pilot activities and UNCHAIN services. The event kicked off with a warm welcoming speech by Maria Dolores Ortiz Sanchez from the Madrid City Council, setting an optimistic tone for the proceedings.

A picture of one of the workshops that was held during the Madrid General Assembly.

The first day’s agenda included a study visit to Avenida de Portugal, providing project partners with firsthand insights into the area where some of the pilot activities will take place in Madrid. This immersive experience allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the local context and further align project objectives with the city’s vision for sustainable urban logistics.

A photo of the site visit organized by EMT Madrid at Avenida de Portugal during our Madrid meeting.
A photo of the site visit organized by EMT Madrid at Avenida de Portugal during our Madrid meeting.

As the UNCHAIN project moves forward, the successful completion of WP2 activities underscores the consortium’s commitment to driving positive change in urban logistics, fostering collaboration, and advancing towards the goal of creating sustainable, resilient, and safe cities for all.

What’s next?

As the UNCHAIN project progresses, the next steps are poised to accelerate our journey towards sustainable urban logistics. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the official UNCHAIN Stakeholder Engagement Group, which will foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among diverse stakeholders. Enhanced transferability activities, collaborative workshops, and webinars with other projects are also on the horizon, providing opportunities to amplify our impact and share best practices. Additionally, we look forward to participating in various conferences to showcase our progress and engage with the wider community.

Internally, project partners are diligently working towards launching pilot site activities, remaining completely aligned with the timeline. With all efforts combined, we are pleased to report that the UNCHAIN project is progressing smoothly, and we are enthusiastic about the positive impact it will bring to urban spaces worldwide.

A presentation of the Madrid meeting delivered by EMT Madrid,
A presentation in the Madrid meeting delivered by SPES.