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Learn more about our first Stakeholder meeting

On 5 June, we were not only celebrating World Environment Day, but the UNCHAIN project held its first meeting with the members of our Stakeholder Group. The group consists of different European cities and urban mobility professionals. During the meeting, the participants had the chance to glance at the UNCHAIN project and get familiar with the different technical aspects.

On 5 June, the UNCHAIN project celebrated a significant milestone with its inaugural meeting of the Stakeholder Group. This expert group, featuring representatives from various European cities and urban mobility professionals, gathered to delve into the innovative UNCHAIN project and explore its technical dimensions.

Among the distinguished attendees were representatives from our Peer Cities: Brest Metropole (France), Alba Iulia (Romania), Antwerp (Belgium), Reggio Emilia (Italy), and Greater Manchester (UK). These cities, along with urban mobility experts from prestigious organizations like the University of Antwerp, ZLC, MOBY Bike, BPost, and others, form the backbone of our collaborative effort.

Our UNCHAIN colleagues from ETRA, IBV, VMZ, and EITUM showcased their talents during the meeting, providing participants with great insight into the UNCHAIN services. Their presentations effectively highlighted the innovative spirit driving the UNCHAIN project.

Our Peer Cities have been selected for the Stakeholder Group based on the fact that they are experiencing similar trends or challenges to the Living Labs and Follower Cities, and they will support, advise, and co-create the results and ease the upscale and replication of the UNCHAIN solutions.

A screenshot taken during the first Stakeholder Meeting of the UNCHAIN project.

POLIS Network proudly leads the UNCHAIN community with all experts and serves as your main contact point. Our project is always excited to welcome new voices to our community. Either by subscribing to our newsletter, co-organising events, or joining our Stakeholder Group.

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A screenshot from the first Stakeholder Meeting of UNCHAIN. The slide contains an overview of the different UNCHAIN services.